Apple users have just received the latest iOS update. iOS 11.1 comes with many additions, and the most important one is represented by the new emojis. The update fixes several issues and it brings over 70 new emoji. Users received this update on Halloween, but it appears that iOS 11.2 is already on its way. This version is already in beta and it comes with some interesting features.

Fixing the Calculator bug

If we take a look at the first beta version of iOS 11.2 has plenty of new additions. According to various sources, the beta should fix various issues. For example, there was a problem with the Calculator app. Sometimes, when users pressed the buttons too fast certain symbols were ignored. This bug is quite old, and users have complained about it ever since iOS 11 was released.

AirPlay support

iOS 11.2 also bring some improvements for AirPlay. With this upcoming update, users should be able to use a new interface for switching between audio players. In order to take advantage of these features you will need a device that is AirPlay 2 enabled.

Other changes

Users should also receive preview animations for Live Photo effects. Also for those who like to send pictures while texting, there will be an updated camera icon in the Messages app. iOS 11.2 will also come with a notification option in the TV settings.

Features that won’t be there

Apple users have been waiting for certain features that were announced a while ago. However, it appears that they won’t be present in the upcoming update. For example, we heard many things about Apple Pay Cash, but it appears that we have to wait more for it. Also, there won’t be any Messages in iCloud.

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