There seems to be this never-ending buzz around Grand Theft Auto 6. Despite the lack of concrete information about its release, one cannot help but stumble upon a list of features it should have to rumored release dates. But what is true and what is purely speculation?

GTA is developed by the same people behind Red Dead Redemption 2, which is coming out in the Spring of 2018 after being delayed from a Fall 2017 release. With a major release slated for the coming year, it’s highly unlikely that Rockstar can work on elements for GTA 6. Plus, the fact that the actual release date was delayed is also telling.

But still, some online sources persist. It’s also understandable given that the last iteration of the game, GTA 5, was released in 2013 – that’s like forever in the gaming world. (Provigil)


One of the latest rumors that sparked renewed interest in GTA 6 was an actor who listed GTA 6 motion capture work in his resume. Unfortunately, this revelation was a hoax to the clear disappointment of fans. In other words, everything is back to zero: fans have reverted back to speculation and drawing up wishes for a supposed version 6 of their favorite game.

There are other rumors about what GTA 6 is and isn’t. There is a rumor out stating that GTA 6 will focus on the entire United States, rather than just one city. Rumored release dates have also been thrown about, including a release by 2020.

Since these are all rumors at this point, it’s best to take everything you read lightly. You can start eagerly anticipating when information comes straight from Rockstar’s mouth. But even that isn’t a guarantee. Maybe waiting for actual artwork to be released is the most sensible option.

Direct from the source

Almost anyone can own property on the web these days. Even a simple jokey tweet about an upcoming release date can spread like wildfire. But there has to have been some sort of indication about an upcoming version for rumors to spread?

In an interview with Develop, Rockstar president Leslie Benzies said that the game is indeed in the early stages of development, According to her, they still don’t know what the game would be but that they had some ideas.

Well, a statement direct from the source is enough to drive fans wild with anticipation. Plus, ideas for GTA 5 were cooked up by the end of GTA 4. So it’s no surprise that Rockstar is thinking about where to go next. However, Benzies did mention that GTA Online is the focus of the company for the moment.

Feature wishlist

Many of those who play with GTA want a number of features. On top of that list is calls for a strong female led. Men have dominated GTA for years and it’s about time to let ladies take the reins. Other wanted features include a new location, a story set in multiple cities, and better vehicle variation – just to name a few.

We can all keep speculating about GTA 6’s release but until an official statement has been released by Rockstar, we all can just hope.

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