Play Services is a component that plays a vital role in Google’s Android operating system. At its core, the sole purpose of Play Services is to allow other apps to update themselves automatically and to save important authentication information for different accounts while providing the user with the latest privacy settings at the same time.

To sum it all up, Google’s Android operating system wouldn’t be so premium and it wouldn’t offer such an immersive experience without Play Services. Therefore, no one should be surprised to find out that Google is always releasing new updates which improve and boost Play Service’s capabilities through minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Google Play Services 11.9.64 Beta APK Update

Regarding new updates, Android users who are enlisted in Google’s Beta Program should be happy to know that they can download a new APK that brings Play Service’s version number up to 11.9.64. The update is available in form of APK which implies that Android users are required to manually download and install it themselves.

Although, this is the case with all APK updates and it’s a small price to pay in exchange for receiving all of Google’s latest features and bug fixes ahead of everyone else. We also need to mention that the installation process for APK updates is not that complicated since the new APK will be installed directly over the original file.

Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements

Considering how much of a vital role Play Services plays in the user experience that Android OS offers, Google made sure to include a bunch of bug fixes in this new update which are designed to do one thing and one thing only, which is to improve Play Service’s overall stability.

Even though Google is a keeping a close eye on Play Services, some issues still manage to pop up. These are annoying bugs which cause the app to malfunction and in some cases even crash. This is something that Google doesn’t want to happen, and this latest update introduces a handful of bug fixes which ensure that Play Services is always running smoothly.

Competitive Gaming Experiences

One of the reasons why Android fans should hurry up and download the latest version of Play Services is because it’s going to improve their gaming experiences. Play Services introduces a social aspect to gaming by adding leaderboards which can be shared with the public or between friends. This doesn’t only add a social aspect to the game, but it also makes it more fun since players get to compete against their friends to see which one gets the higher score.

The Importance of Play Services

There are numerous apps that Google pre-installs on its operating system and many people who don’t know what they are doing end up removing some of them. Well, people should make sure to never delete or uninstall Play Service since most apps will instantly stop functioning without it. This should give everyone an idea of just important Play Services is to every Android powered smartphone and why people should hurry up and download the latest updates.  

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