Old-fashioned paper maps are no longer used nor needed. Applications have taken their place and the technology managed to evolve quite a lot in the past years. One of the oldest and well known maps provider is Google Maps. However, back in 2012 it managed to gain a rival after Apple released its own service.

Today we will try to compare these two and see which one is a better option if you have an iOS device.

Different modes of transport

When you are trying to plan a route you usually need to think about your mode of transport as well. Both Apple Maps and Google Maps cover plenty of options, from driving and walking to public transit. However, Google Maps has one advantage here because it also includes cycling.

Data accuracy

One of the most important things about this type of services is how accurate the data is. Getting an address mixed up can be even dangerous. If we take a look at these two apps we already know that Apple Maps had its problems in the past. This should be because it was new in the market and it required more improvements.

Now that Apple Maps has been around for a while we can finally compare its accuracy with the one from Google Maps. Google has many advantages, because it has been created a while ago and the team manages to fix most of its flaws. There are numerous human operators that personally check the maps and fix the problems encountered by users. Additionally, Google bought Skybox. For those who do not know, Skybox is a satellite imagery company that provides high-resolution images. Google spent $500m on this, but it was worth it since it made the maps more accurate than ever.

However, Apple is working hard to keep up with this. It bought various mapping companies, including HopStop, a company that uses transit agencies to collect data, and Locationary, a firm that crodsources location data.

According to some reports, Apple is also trying out a new Mechanical Turk-style user programme and the company is paying any person who verifies or corrects the data with 54 cents at a time.

Additional information about locations

Searching for a location should show you the distance and some other details. When it comes to Apple Maps, the distance might not be very accurate if the locations are further, and you should also get some additional information about the location, such as Yelp and TripAdvisor ratings or the price.

Tapping on a search result should give you extra information about each location, including the address, photos and even a phone number for bookings. Then you can tap Directions and you can choose an option and configure a route.

Google Maps works similarly, although it is able to show you more information. Besides the regular information you should also see opening hours, ratings and for restaurants you will even be able to see wait times from now on.


One good thing is that both applications are completely free. If you own an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad, then Apple Maps should already be preinstalled. If you prefer Google Maps you can install its application as well. However, if you do use them both you should expect to be asked by various apps if you want to use Apple Maps or Google Maps when you load a location.

Google Maps receives updates constantly, and Apple Maps receives its updates whenever Apple releases a new version of iOS, since this application is a preinstalled one.

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