You thought you’ve heard about all the wonderful features from Google Maps and Google Earth, but wait until you’ve tried Flight Simulator from Google Earth!

You don’t just zoom in and out in Google Earth to find satellite images of the entire globe, you get to fly across the globe.

How Does Google Earth’s Flight Simulator Feels Like?

You get to be the pilot and have full control over where you want to go across the globe.

Let’s see where you can find it and how to start your journey.

  1. Open Google Earth -> click on ‘Tools’ and you will see ‘Enter Flight Simulator’.
  2. As soon as you open the Flight Simulator, you have to choose an aircraft: it will be either an F-16 fighter jet or an SR22 propeller airplane. Each aircraft will emulate real-life speed and power.
  3. Pick the place you want to begin your journey. You can take off from your location, from an airport or from Mars or the Moon.
  4. Use the mouse and keyboard or a joystick – you can crash if you don’t control everything!
  5. Take off by pressing the ‘Page Up’ button on your keyboard and hold it until it gathers speed. Then you press on the ‘down arrow’ button.
  6. You know how to take off but now let’s see you land! First you will have to approach a flat area or an airstrip. Then, press ‘Page Down’ button (it will reduce thrust and the speed of the aircraft), press ‘G’ and you will extend the landing gear. Pressing ‘F’ will slow the aircraft by increasing the flap setting. As soon as you land, slow the aircraft with the wheel brakes: , (comma button) is for left wheel brake and . (full stop) is for the right one.

Tip: If everything is too intense for you, like trying not to crash, you can take a break by pressing the spacebar. This will freeze the whole simulation until you’re ready to continue your flight.

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