Google Earth is an application that allows users to explore satellite images, maps, terrains, 3D buildings, and other useful tools, from any part of the world, and it is available in both the basic and Pro versions. Google Earth allows users access to geographical content and allows them to save this content and share with others.

The newest update of Google Earth Pro is version. The announcement of this update was made on the Google Maps Help forums. The latest Google Earth Pro version,, replaces the older version and fixes bugs that have been associated with its use.

Google Earth Pro Latest Features

Some of the features of this update are:

  • Access to enhanced 3D views of places around the world, users can even add their own models.
  • Street view of any point from other space.
  • Business locations search
  • Access to underwater
  • Access to historical content and background information on places.
  • Access to explore less-traveled destinations.

For users who have had issues since upgrading from Google Earth Free to Google Earth Pro, the new Google Earth Pro fixes some of these issues. For some users, on upgrading from Google Earth Free, the “My Places” folder got lost. This is fixed with this update. On installing Google Earth Pro, it searches for any “My Places folder from the free version and uses it instead of creating a new one. Google Earth Pro version also solves this problem with the Repair tool where users can restore default factory settings.

Google Earth Pro Black Globe Issues

The Google Earth Pro version also fixes the “black globe” error some Windows users have encountered. In fixing the “black globe” error, the Google Earth Pro version detects graphics card and allows users experiencing the issue to switch over to DirectX automatically.

Google Earth Pro users will either get this update automatically or will have to do it themselves depending on the settings on their applications.

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