The Gmail app for Android was recently updated, and the latest version of the app is 7.11.

It comes with a light navigation bar that will help with burn-in problems on a few devices. It also includes a new shortcut menu that will make it much easier to jump over to Google’s Contacts and Calendar applications.

The new navigation bar

This new navigation bar should work on any compatible device without you having to do anything. Currently, it looks that only the Pixel and Pixel 2 devices that are running the Android 8.1 aka Ore developer preview include this option and it’s available to try out. You will not find any options in the settings to change this. This new navigation bar is mostly targeted at the two Pixel devices mentioned above that were reported to have some issues with screen burn-in lately. Changing the navigation bar to a lighter-colored one helps.

The new shortcut menu

You can access the new shortcut menu by heading to the left-hand hamburger menu on devices that are compatible. A member of the Android Headlines team who uses a Pixel running the Android Oreo got the features on the device.

The latest update integrates Gmail with other Google productivity solutions

The recent updates targeted at Gmail were focused on bringing new features to the app including the ability to undo deleting emails or to manage your Google account from via the app. The latest update allows Gmail’s integration with more productivity solution from Google that the app is usually used with. The app also became more device-friendly.

Gmail received lots of updates for enhanced productivity

Along with other Google apps, Gmail received lots of small updated that brought small but essential changes to the app. It’s now much easier to use. Some productivity apps including Drive and Gmail were lately targeted due to Google’s push to get Android and Chrome OS a more significant market share. On the other hand, consumer-facing versions of Google’s productivity apps were still second best after their G Suite counterparts, and the latter receive exclusive updates that support management and more comfortable use in the business environment.

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