For more than 20 years now, Pokemon has engaged millions of gamers in the wild world with these lovable pocket monsters. In fact, The Pokemon Company and Nintendo were able to turn them into a phenomenon through generations. Here are some of the best Pokemon games ever released.

Pokken Tournament

The crossover between the famous Pokemon and Tekken has led to the creation of Pokken, which is more than just another fighting game. In fact, it has brought something to fix its cluttered genre. You can really appreciate the excellent visuals, along with the smooth combat choreography.

Pokemon Snap

You should know that this game has been one of the relatively underappreciated games in the series. Pokemon Snap offers a different look in the world of Pokemon. The game offers great scenery, fun story, and excellent sound design, making it a timeless piece as it is.

Pokemon Colosseum

Pokemon Colosseum has brought a protagonist and story to it. In fact, this is the closest game to the 3D Pokemon game played on a console. This is because you should catch the Pokemon instead of renting them, as what you do in the stadium games. What makes them so exciting is that you have to steal them from criminals with just a few of them that you could catch.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Blue/ Red Rescu Team

You can get into a new realm by jumping into the Mystery Dungeon series instead of just playing as a trainer taking care of your Pokemon. In this game, you become the Pokemon. It also offers some of the hardest challenges available in any game of Pokemon and allows the collection of single Pokemons up to the 3rd generation.

Pokemon Sun & Moon

The newest addition to the main series of Pokemon gives a whole new level of adventure for the faithful fans of the game. This basically has broken the formula that the games were known for more than 2 decades. In this new game, you can no longer see gyms, badges, and traditional styles.

Accordingly, Pokemon Sun & Moon quickly became a hit with its players. The storytelling and the development of the actual character have aided in distinguishing it from the rest. You might have seen some flaws in this games as do others, but you might look back at it one day and appreciate its impact to the Pokemon series.

Pokemon Stadium 2

This game has brought back the 3D world of Pokemon combat. This game features mostly the same features as the Pokemon Stadium, but new advancements were made to the second generation this time. It also has a number of fun and competitive features with some new updates.

Pokemon: Red & Blue

The first game in the series is the Pokemon: Red & Blue. A lot of good memories were shared by the game, but most cartridges of this game no longer work today. This makes it impossible to relive the experience of the older generations. Good thing it was finally released in the 3DS version through the Nintendo eShop during the 20th anniversary of Pokemon.

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