After hearing the phrase Minecraft Snapshot you are probably thinking about playing the game and hitting the print screen key on your keyboard, but actually a Minecraft snapshot refers to a testing version of the game. This version usually has all the new untested features and is usually made available only to have the players test out the updates to help Minecraft developers refine it.

The players are able to report bugs if they find any and provide valuable feedback. After all the feedback has been taken into account and bugs fixed the snapshot update will then move up to become an official update.

Where to get the Snapshot?

The latest upcoming is Minecraft snapshot 1.13 and was released last November 22nd and players at various Minecraft forums have reported how broken the current snapshot is and that it is the most unstable snapshot they ever have played with yet.

For a complete list of the new features in the latest snapshot and a downloadable copy of it visit the official website at

What are the changes for 1.13

Right at the very top Minecraft advises you to make backups of everything before you touch the new snapshot update.

Minecraft Worlds for this Snapshot

In general, you can assume everything to be broken and don’t expect too much about the gameplay. They have advised to back-up your worlds before installing the snapshot and not to expect worlds that are created with the snapshot to work with future game version updates. The main reason why the snapshot is so broken is because they made a refactoring change to allow them to expand the limit of their block and item IDs to infinity.

What to do with the bugs if you find them?

You may take a look at the current reported bugs first at this URL: This will also help you check if the bug you found has already been reported.

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