Google Chrome is one of the best browsers available, and that is not only because it is very fast, but it also comes with a great number of features and customisation options. However, despite the fact that it is so popular, the browser continues to have a number of options that are not that well-known. We have decided to share these tips with you and help you have a better browsing experience.

Use keyboard shortcuts to open tabs

Google Chrome allows you to use various keyboard shortcuts when it comes to tabs. For example CTRL + T will open a new tab, while CTRL + T+ Shift will open the last closed tab. However, the most useful one might be CTRL + R + Shift, which will reopen all the closed tabs at once. This is very ideal if your system crashed and you do not want to reopen each tab manually.

Manage Google Chrome profiles

When it comes to Google Chrome profiles, there are more customisation options than you would think. For example, you are allowed to have multiple profiles. Simply go to settings and click Manage people. There you should see the option to “add other people”. This can be useful if you want to run a different profile, like one that is used only for work related stuff, or if you share your computer with someone else.

Find the passwords that you forgot

If you have forgotten the password for a certain website, you do not have to worry since Google Chrome can get it back for you. Go to Settings and then scroll down until you find Advance. Select “manage passwords”, and you should see all the saved passwords saved there, and they are in alphabetical order.

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