Older Nokia devices won’t be able to download WhatsApp after December 31

The fact that technology is constantly evolving is without a doubt a positive thing. Each day a new device is revealed and companies release new features. All these things should make the user experience better, but there is a downsize to this: devices become outdated very soon. In time, this means that they lose the support of many applications, forcing the users to buy newer products.

WhatsApp will no longer be available for some devices

WhatsApp is just another app that will slowly remove support from older technology in order to focus on the newer products. Last year, users that had old version of Windows Phone, iOS or Android were not able to free download this application. Basically, they were no longer able to continue to use the app.

A while ago WhatsApp announced that starting July 1, the app won’t be supported on Nokia S40, Nokia S60, BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry OS. This did not happen, and the date changed once again. Some of these platforms are supposed to receive support until the end of the year. Therefore, after December 31, support won’t be available anymore, and many users won’t be able to use the app anymore.

Solutions for this problem

It appears that there are not many solutions, and all of them require an upgrade. If you use one of those platforms mentioned earlier, the only way to keep WhatsApp is to get a newer device or consider buying a Nokia Android phone. Android is a recent addition, and you can choose between Nokia 3 (139 euros), Nokia 5 (189 euros) and Nokia 6 (229 euros). If are willing to wait a bit more, Nokia 8 is supposed to become available by the end of the month.

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