Prior to Gmail’s release, people were always struggling to manage their emails because there wasn’t enough storage space. Gmail changed the quality standards for email storage space because it offered 15GB of free storage space right from the start. Things don’t end there since Google made sure to equip Gmail with lots of features such sorting messages automatically and creating to-do lists which make the app so much useful.

Gmail APK APK Update

Google has a reputation for putting a high price on user experience and this is one of the reasons why its constantly releasing new updates for all its apps, Gmail included. The latest version of Gmail is and it can be downloaded right now. The update is exclusive to Android users since it comes in form of APK (Android Package Kit) and it requires a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or higher.

Bug Fixes and Performance Improvements

The new update doesn’t include any visual changes or innovative features, but this doesn’t mean that it’s not worth our attention. Instead of focusing on new features, Google decided to take another route and focus on improving the already smooth user experience by adding a couple of bug fixes and under the hood performance improvements.

Considering that Gmail is already one of the fastest email apps in the world, this new update is surely taking things to the next level. Many people tend to overlook bug fixes and performance improvements, but these are what matter the most. Just imagine how annoying it would be if Gmail would crash every time someone received an email. Fortunately, this is never going to happen while Google keeps rolling out new bug fixes.

Nonetheless, the update is available for download but there’s a catch to it. Eager Gmail users are required to manually download and install it themselves. Although, the installation process is not that complicated since the update overlays over the original app and it just increases its version.

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