Not long ago, Firefox has been facing an increased competition. Google Chrome has been in top favorite web browsers and Mozilla lost the chance of getting back on tracks, until now.

This year Mozilla has been adding a lot of changes into their browser to make it better and faster. This is how version 57 came to life on all platforms. The updated version is called Firefox ‘Quantum’ and it is also available on Android.

Android Firefox 57 ‘Quantum’: Better Design and Performance, But at the Same Speed

On Android we can see the Photon UI, rocking a minimalist design that has a white screen and some blue accents.

We have been waiting for the new version of Mozilla ever since they’ve announced it, and we’re hyped to see it improved in terms of speed. For those that started using Firefox Quantum on their Android and haven’t seen much of a difference, it’s because it didn’t make it to Android yet. The Quantum CSS renderer will come on mobile devices in v. 59.

While this is bad news for those who enjoy browsing on their smartphones, there are other changes that should make you happy, such as Custom Tabs and more performance improvements.

Both on Android and on desktop, Firefox 57 no longer offers support for ‘legacy’ browser extensions. However, popular extensions are still available for us to install.

Custom Tabs Are Similar to Chrome’s Tabs

The Custom Tabs is a feature available in Google Chrome. This allows apps to open pages in Chrome without opening the entire Chrome app, but it only works if Chrome is the default browser on Android. This feature is now available in Firefox 57, and it requires making your Firefox the default browser.

For now, not all apps will work, since the developers haven’t worked on implementing the Firefox version, but we’re sure going to see more apps providing this option.

If you want to install Firefox 57 on Android, go to Play Store and get it as a beta version or go to and download & install it as any other APK file.

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