For those who grew up with VJS rental stores and who appreciate a good old school movie, the digital version can be made. VHS tapes do not offer the best quality, but for those who still want to see a classic movie or a video recorded using a VHS tape, learn to transfer them into digital. Get rid of your VHS video player, if you still own one, and transfer your video to your computer.

How to convert VHS to DVD:

VHS tapes can take up a lot of space and besides all they do is gather dust. Those who are interested in keeping the videos without the tapes, here are some simple instructions.

  • Connect your VHS video player to your PC. For this operation you will need special cables, such as a scart cable. You can find them online or at different stores,
  • Start the recording process: to transfer your VHS videos to your computer, it is necessary to start the recording software process and then play the VHS tape.
  • Stop the recording software: when you finished recording the part of the video you were interested in or the full video, stop the recording and also stop the video VHS cassette.
  • Use software for burning the captured video to a DVD. If you decide to transfer the video to DVD, there are several software offering this, such as Freemake. You could also copy the video into an external memory device.

How to transfer the VHS video to your tablet or smartphone:

With the use of Freemake, convert the captured video into a format supported by your phone or tablet. If you own an Android device, for example, set the USB mode for file transfers so as to copy the video.

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