The latest version of Clash of Clans has arrived on October 11, 2017. If you haven’t played the game this long, then you should have missed some of the most important updates in Clash of Clans. Some of the notable features of the new update include the Builder Bases, Home Villages, weapons, and indicator.

One of the major improvements introduced by Supercell is the 35v35 and the 45v45 friend wars. The number of slots for Clan War spectators has also been increased to 30, as well as increasing the slots further by 10 to those viewing within the friend list. Clans are also given the chance to set Builder Base trophy requirements, which is similar to the Clan settings.

Likewise, the Graphic improvement to the game has been tremendous. You can really appreciate how Supercell improved even the little details, including fonts, Castles, Clan Badge, and Clan Troop drop stone.

Searching for Clans has also become easier than ever with its introduction of new Clan Suggestions. This prioritizes Clans that are based on various levels. Such would include filtered results on the basis of War activity and donation of Troops, which you can see. Moreover, you can now use the option to highlight Clans that have been joined by your friends. Thus, you can highlight the Clans if the player is in your list of friends.

New level limits are also set for TH11 troops and buildings. Such changes were intended to those who have reached closer or within that particular level. For instance, you can now upgrade Golems up to level 7, Valkyries to level 6, Air Sweeper to level 7, Bomb Tower to level 6, and Walls to level 12. As a result, this would make your village even stronger and more difficult to defeat.

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