A new update to Clash of Clans should get fans of the very excited in December 2017. A new feature has been unveiled by Supercell named the 5v5 War. Together with the new update are some in-game tweaks, such as enhancements to the Grand Warden, the matchmaking process, and some unseen groundwork.

In this new feature, 5v5 War will introduce a new major feature that fits clans with small members. Likewise, it enables other members of the clan to rest while the others get into battle. Thus, it is expected to be much better than the Halloween Event.

This small Clan War size would basically fit Clans with 5-10 best players. However, this may not be enticing enough for those with huge number of players. This is because the Clan can engage to fight one war at a time. Therefore, other members might be left with nothing left to do but go on with their daily routine or simply view the ongoing events.

The advantage would depend on Clans wishing to rotate their best players or simply choose the best players to engage in the 5v5 War. Thus, it would be much more intense for those members who aim to be in the top spot just to be included in the next 5v5 War event.

For the meantime, there are no signs of having adjustments in the mechanics of the Clan War. Therefore, those who are middle-ranked members of the Clan should be patient enough to wait for their chance to get to the next 5V5 roster.

On the other hand, the new update will introduce the tweaked matchmaking algorithm. This will enable the pairing of Clans having the same capacity as their opponents. Thus, it will discourage matching strong Clans against weaker ones.

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