Clash Royale is a super hit from Supercell. While it is based on a simple concept, this mobile game managed to become incredibly popular thanks to its constant updates and improvements.

Right now, Clash Royale has its first big gold rush. This event might be more important than you believe, since this can be your chance to gain some gold the easy way.

Earning gold easily

Many players have complained about how hard it is to gain more gold. Luckily, the October updates took care of this issue in a way. The new quests and game modes made it easier earn some gold and the Gold Rush is the most important addition so far.

The Clash Royale Gold Rush will you to earn up to 5000 extra gold a day, which is a really nice sum. If you want more than that you can go to the shop and extend the limit to 8000 gold by buying a special offer. Obviously, this special offer represents an in-app purchase.

How does the Gold Rush work?

The Gold Rush won’t simply give the gold away; you will still have to work for it. However, you will receive a lot more gold than you usually do. Every time you play a classic 1v1 multiplayer battle and manage to take out one of the opponent’s towers you will receive a gold bonus. This bonus gets bigger with every tower, and even bigger if you manage to get all the three towers.

The maximum amount of gold that you can receive is 600 gold. If you destroy one single tower you will receive 100 gold, if you destroy two towers you will get 200 gold and finally a 3-crown victory will get you another 300 gold.

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