With the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon coming to Nintendo 3DS devices in a couple of days, we will get the chance to see Pikachu again.

Not only will he come to the new games, but he will also be available in two amazing versions: the Surfing Pikachu and Flying Pikachu!

Layers will be able to earn these two versions of Pikachu by playing the Mantine Surfing mini-games and obtaining high scores. At first you will have to get good scores at the four Surf Spots and you will get Surfing Pikachu. To get the Flying version of Pikachu you will be challenged by the owner of the Surf Spots to beat your high score.

What’s the Deal with Surfing and Flying Pikachu: The Story So Far…

We understand that it’s a little strange for this small electric rodent to fly or surf, but the idea comes from the traditional franchise.

Back in the past, you could get the Surfing Pikachu by participating in the Prime Cup, at the Pokemon Stadium. There you had to beat the Master Ball division and use only the Pokemon that you obtained on your Game Boy Pokemon games. After that, you could use the Surfing Pikachu in Pokemon Yellow and play the Pikachu’s Beach minigame. You could use Surfing Pikachu to travel through regions.

As for the Flying Pikachu, you could get it only in special events or distributions. He was first see floating in the sky, with balloons that were tied to Pikachu’s body.

Coming back to the present, both Pikachu versions make their way in the main series games for the first time. You can get the Surfing Pikachu and the Flying Pikachu on 17 November, when the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon games are going to be officially launched.

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