When you think about mobile gaming you must think about Clash of Clans. This app managed to millions of dollars and it attracted countless players. At a first look it may appear like a simple game based on a simple concept, but it is complex enough to make it challenging.

Climbing the leaderboard can be very difficult, and most players have spent years or a lot of money to get there. However, progress can be made easier if you know a few basic tips. Here are some of them.

Don’t spend too many gems

The game encourages you to spend gems, even when it comes to the tutorial. However, that is not something that you should do easily. Try to save gems and only spend them when it is necessary.

Gems can be used to boost collectors and mines and they should increase their output. You can also use them to speed up upgrades so try to have a few gems available at any time. You can find gems in rocks and trees and it will only cost you a little elixir to get them.

Join a clan

This might sound like an obvious tip, but joining a clan should really help your evolution. Try to find a good clan because the other clan members should really help you. You can receive troops from them and you can even go to war, which can give you serious loot if you manage to win. Also, you can use troops from your clan to fill your Clan Castle, so every time your village is attacked, those troops will defend it for you.

Keep your shield

Once you manage to receive a shield for your village it is better to keep it. If you attack another village your shield is still on you will break it and you will lose the protection. Therefore, it is wiser to attack other villages only when your shield is about to expire. Luckily for you, the game will send you a notification when the shield is about to go down so you can know how to plan your attacks.

Don’t forget to upgrade all your troops

Most of your loot will come from war or attacks, so you will need powerful troops. In order to do that, you will have to upgrade your troops to the max, as soon as you can do it. Weaker troops like barbarians and archers are the easiest to upgrade and they are considered Tier 1, while other troops are more advanced and they are harder to upgrade.

You can upgrade troops as soon as you upgrade your Town Hall. Therefore, every time your Town Hall evolves you should go right ahead and upgrade your troops as well.

Use a good layout when you organize your village

It is very important to arrange your village the right away. Each Town Hall level unlocks certain buildings and you should organize them in an efficient way. You can choose to defend your Town Hall and storages, so you will place them in the center of the village and protect them.

If you are not sure how to organize your village you can easily look for layouts online. There should be designs available for every Town Hall level so you should find the ideal village for you. However, you will have to decide first if you want a village that protects your resources or your trophies. If your storages are empty you can easily leave them vulnerable and protect other buildings that are more important instead.

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