There’s been a rampant rise of ransomware malware, with anti-malware software companies doing everything they can to protect individual and company computers. The problem is that once one is solved, another comes around.

This time, it’s affecting computers throughout the Eastern Europe area. Dubbed Bad Rabbit, it’s attacked Russian media outlets like Interfax.

The ransomware is similar to the NotPetya virus, with its red lettering on a black background. According to the message, a person must pay 0.05 bitcoins ($282) in 40 hours. Failure to pay that means the price to get access back to one’s files increases.

According to Vyacheslay Zakorzhevsky of Kaspersky Labs, it’s not known who the victims are, but most appear to be Russian. He said the data shows most victims are in Russia, but attacks are also taken place in Germany, Turkey and the Ukraine. The ransomware is infected devices that access any hacked Russian media website.

Zakorzhevsky said their investigation shows that the attack is against corporate networks, with techniques that mimic the NotPetya attack.  He could not confirm if the latest attack was related to NotPetya.

Bad Rabbit is spread via a fake Adobe Flash Player installer and stays unnoticed until people actually notice it. The malware has a plethora of encrypted files such as .docx, .doc and .jpg.  It appears the virus writer is using common files to carry out the attack.

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