If you have an Android device, you don’t have Flash Player on it. Google Play Store no longer has it, which means to get it, you need to know how to install it manually. How do you do this?

Installation Of Flash Player On An Android Device

Your smartphone must have the Android software installed. It should also have access to the Internet. Go to your phone’s Setting menu and hit the “Unknown Sources” box and hit “Ok.”

Shut the Settings app down. On older Android OS, it’s called Applications.

Go to the Adobe Flash Player archive and scroll down it. Look for the version that will work with your OS. Tap the link and download the player. This should begin right away.  Once the installation is complete, shut down the browser. Open Notifications, clicking on the install_flash_player.apk file.

Install and hit Done.

Why Did Adobe Pull Flash Player From The Store

Adobe quit developing Flash Player for mobile devices after its latest version for the Jelly Bean experienced some major problems. While the company will still offer bug fixes and security updates for previous versions, it will not develop any new ones.

When Adobe created the Flash Player for mobile devices app, Apple opted not to carry it for its iPads or iPhones.

Adobe will continue to develop its Flash Player for the PC until 2020.

How You Can Get Adobe Flash Player For Your Older Android Software

Adobe recently released its 11.1 Flash Player for Android 2.0 to 4.0 versions – to go along with the Android OS. Older Android versions are unable to use the 11.1 Flash Player.

There are still many websites that use Flash for their videos and games, but a good number of companies have quit using it already. Therefore, a high-end device may not be as good as one would hope with no Flash Player capabilities.

Thankfully, you can still get Adobe Flash Player’s latest version if your smartphone is running the Android KitKat. How can you do this?

  • Go to Settings, Security and find Unknown Sources.
  • Go to a reputable website to download the Flash Player 11.1.
  • Install it after you’ve downloaded it. Remember, there is no interface, so you’ll need to do the next few steps.
  • Download and install the Android Dolphin browser – available in Google Play. You can’t get access to Flash material even with Adobe Flash Player without the assistance of the Dolphin browser.
  • Open the Dolphin app. Hit the button Recents, going back to Settings, Web Content and Flash Player. Make sure On Demand/Always On is checked.
  • Go to the Adobe’s website to test the plugin on the device.

With so many websites still using Flash for their content, you should download older Flash Player versions from Adobe’s main website. This is especially important if you have an older Android device that needs Flash installed on it.

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