Adobe Flash Player are constantly receiving new security updates. That is because Adobe and various security experts are keeping an eye on Flash Player and any discovered vulnerabilities are solved as soon as possible.

It is already known that Adobe Flash Player can be quite vulnerable and it will finally be removed for good in 2020. However, until then it is important to be aware of its flaws and keep it up to date if you still use it. Get all the updates as soon as they appear, because this could save your device. Right now, a new security update is available for Adobe Flash Player, let’s see what this one has to bring.

Update APSB17-32

This update is available for Chrome OS, Linux, Macintosh and Windows and it comes after a critical vulnerability has been discovered. This is a Priority 1 update, which means that you should get it right away.

Here are the products that can get the update: Adobe Flash Player for Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11, Adobe Flash Player for Google Chrome, Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime and Adobe Flash Player Desktop Runtime.

You can update by visiting the Adobe Flash Player Download Center, or by using the update mechanism within the product. If you already enabled automatic updates, you should receive APSB17-32 automatically.

The update comes after a critical vulnerability was discovered

The CVE-2017-11292 vulnerability is a type confusion. In the Vulnerability Impact section, Adobe mentioned that this vulnerability could lead to remote code execution.

It appears that this issue was reported by Anton Ivanov from Kaspersky Labs, and he also worked with Adobe in order to fix it. This comes as no surprise, since it is not the first time this happens. Kaspersky Labs have reported other problems in the past as well.

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