Adobe Flash Player is a problematic program and its numerous issues have led to Adobe’s decision to put an end to it in 2020. However, there are two years left and we still have to deal with Flash Player.

Recently, many users have reported seeing Adobe Flash Player update requests on the browser, despite the fact that some of them did not even have the program installed on the computer.

Do not trust those requests

It is known fact that many hackers took advantage of Adobe Flash Player one way or another. While some exploited its weaknesses, other tried to win the users’ trust by pretending to install updates for it. Those Adobe Flash Player update requests that you see in your browser are simply signs of a possible cyber-attack.

Most of the time, those notifications and pop-ups are used to spread malicious programs and accepting to install them will only put your computer in danger. That is why you should be very careful when you see such requests. They are even more suspicious if you do not have Flash Player installed on your device.

Flash updates should be downloaded automatically on Windows computers, so you shouldn’t receive update notifications while you are browsing on your computer. If you do receive a notification telling you that you do not have Adobe Flash Player and it is required to see the content, simply make sure that Flash is enabled. Do not go any further and download content from unknown sources.


If you truly want to download Flash Player, go to the official Adobe website yourself and find it there. Always make sure that your downloads have a source that can be trusted and do not use unknown sites.

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