Is it still a viable product?

If you have closely been following tech news then you would know that there has been a declined in the number of users that the Adobe Flash Player has. Modern browsers have been slowly dropping Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. Although the Flash Player by Adobe is still a great piece of software and has definitely had its moments in multimedia history, there are some strong reasons why even Adobe is dropping off Flash Player by 2020.

Where can you get a copy of the Adobe Player?

However if you want to get a copy of the Adobe Flash Player you can still get it through their website. Although there are a couple sites where you can get it from, be careful not to download a tampered version that might compromise your computer’s security. This is one of the reasons why everyone has been dropping flash player off due to its apparent security issues.

How to Download Adobe Player for Windows 10?

When you get your new Windows Machine out the box, and install your favorite browsers, you will notice that flash is not anymore its default player for multimedia files. However you can still download it and install it if you choose to do so.

The first step is to navigate to this URL: For Chrome and Firefox all you need to do to click install and you follow the onscreen instructions. After installation you need to restart your browser to actually activate the Adobe Flash Player.

If you want to use the new flagship browser of Windows 10, which is Microsoft Edge, then you do not have to install Adobe Flash Player because it is already preinstalled with the browser. All you have to do is just to activate it in the Edge’s browser settings.

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