The newest Xbox One update made by Microsoft (1711.171024-1923) brings the ability to gift games, subscriptions and DLC to second parties. The Xbox community has been wondering how the new service works and Mike Ybarra, Corporate Vice President Xbox and Windows Gaming Platform has decided to give a few details.

Learn how to gift Xbox One games to your friends

According to Ybarra’s tweets, if someone decides to gift a game token to somebody who does not use his/her Xbox console every day, there is nothing to worry about. Gift tokens do not expire. There is no expiration date for them.

Another cool thing about the gift token idea is that if you accidentally gifted a game your friend already owned; Microsoft gives you the possibility of issuing a refund or of re-gifting the game to someone else.

So far, the gifting games option is only available for users inside the alpha circle and it is unknown whether this feature will be extended to the general userbase. It might take a couple of weeks for the option to become available to the general public.

Xbox One fans hope that the game gifting option will be available for the general database until Christmas.

Xbox One system software update

Alpha Circle insiders can already benefit from the newest Xbox One system software update which brings a lot of interesting new features. Another feature apart from Digital Gifting is the ability of the users to add club blocks to Home. A new section “Add More” will be available soon. Console settings will be saved to the cloud, the same with game progress.

The Xbox One app for Android and iOS will enable users to finish setting up their console at the same time it is downloading the day one update.

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