North Korea has always been sharing a conflictive relationship with the United States of America. The two countries have been at each other’ throats for many years and it seems that experts believe that Kim Jong-un could use nuclear weapons to hit the US mainland within nine months.

The North Korean dictator could strike soon

Gordon Chang, author of the book “Nuclear Shutdown” believes that within the time frame of nine months, the communist country will have the necessary nuclear capabilities to strike the United States.

The expert believes that the current president of the United States, Donald Trump follows a good strategy against North Korea, but there should be more progress made into stopping the communist dictator.

It is no secret that the two countries are not in good diplomatic relations, but during Obama’s presidency, the situation did not seem so extremely tense.

China is in the middle

Mr. Chang explained during his interview with Fox News that apart from the scary possibility of a North Korean attack, there is another country directly involved: China. The later plays a major role in this battle. He believes that the Chinese government ordered its banks to retire from the North Korean market.

Another important result of the American diplomacy is the fact that some African countries stopped paying money to the communist country.

On the other hand, the North Korean country is not afraid of starting a war and has increased its nuclear tests. The most recent one took place on the third of September at Punggye-ri Test Site. The nuclear test was very powerful and triggered a 5.7 earthquake, according to the measurements of the South Korea government.

The United States President will start his visit in Asia and expert are worried that this might trigger third World War.

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