NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg today warned against a military intervention in North Korea in an interview with AFP at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.

“The use of military force will have devastating consequences, I think nobody really wants that,” Stoltenberg said, queried about Donald Trump’s warrior rhetoric about the North Korean crisis.

The US president has reacted virulently to a series of long-range ballistic missile tests and a nuclear test by Pyongyang, calling North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un “mad with nuclear weapons” and threatening to dump “fire and anger” on North Korea.

In this context, the boss of NATO is expected in late October in Japan and South Korea, where he will testify the support of Westerners in this crisis.

“We need strong economic pressure on North Korea, we must continue to use all the political and diplomatic means available because what they (North Korean officials) do now is dangerous and a global threat that requires a global response, “said Stoltenberg.

“Just watching what North Korea is doing is not acceptable at all!” He said.However, NATO “does not plan to have a military presence in this part of the world,” he said.

On the other hand, the increased scope and precision of the recently tested North Korean missiles are driving the 29 Atlantic Alliance countries to consider changes in their missile defense system, which is partly operational from a Romanian base.“Our experts are working on technology, on how to improve our systems,” Stoltenberg said, without giving details.

  1. I urge all of you in South and North Korea as well as America and it’s allies to take immediate actions in every way you can to save your lives because if a war breaks out between North Korea and others then within five minutes all of you will either be dead, wounded or forever shocked as your world comes to an end! Think about this folks, it been reported that Notrth Korea has enough nuclear moterial to make about 50 nuclear bombs. North Korea already pocesses short range missiles which they have on their fleet of subs. Most likely North Korea has already armed those missiles on those subs with Nuclear weapons or chemical weapons. About four months ago North Korea sent all of it’s subs on missions and you know these weren’t sightseeing missions. Most likely these subs are positioned around the world ready at any moment to fire at major cities in South Korea, America and it’s allies along with their major military post. So that is what we are faced with. Then on top of that we have a testy exchange of words in public by leaders on both sides whose rhetoric may just lead us into war! It’s important that we all contact the leaders of North Korea and the United States and tell them that we want them to start negotiating a peaceful end this this Korean dispute! Please everyone join together and let’s make this happen before it’s too late and we are forced with dealing with 30 or more major cities that will have been chemically bombed or nucleared bombed! We should immediately offer North Korea a peace deal that will involve the following. 1# An end to the Korean war 2# peace and normal relations between North Korea and the rest of the world. Also agreements to not attack each other militarily. 3# North Korea agrees to stop it’s nuclear weapon program and agree to other nuclear related demands. 4# If North Korea agrees to the terms of this agreement then the United States will pull it’s troops out of South Korea and leave just an observatory force. 5# If North Korea agrees to to sign and abide by these agreements then the world will do all it can to not only normalize relations with North Korea but it will also give North Korea all the help it needs to solve the many problems that North Korea faces. I urge the South Korean government to start negotiating directly with North Korea immediately. Don’t wait for the United States to start negotiations. You are big enough to stand up for yourselves and handle your problems! Now do it! We are all asking you before we end up in war!
    There are ways to solve this North Korea problem. Here’s how. First, BACK OFF! The USA and South Korea MUST immediately sign a peace treaty with North Korea that states that the Korean War is ended and that our interest is to live in peace with the people of North Korea and to move American troops out of South Korea. Second, we must cease all military exercises in the Korean area. Third, we must immediately pull out at least 5000 troops out of South Korea to show good will. Forth, tell North Korea that if they sign this peace treaty and agree to freeze it’s nuclear program then the world would help North Korea solve it’s many problems and give them all kinds of aid. If North Korea still won’t agree to a peaceful resolution to this debacle then make the sanction as strong as possible, then back off from North Korea and let them rot on the vine. If after a very short while if North Korea still won’t negotiate then it’s time to call CHECKMATE and do what will surely make North Korea negotiate! We will stop buying all things MADE IN CHINA AND RUSSIA! That’s right folks, We will put a world wide boycott on ALL goods MADE IN CHINA AND RUSSIA until those two countries, which are the main suppliers of everything that North Korea needs to survive, drag North Korea to the negotiating table! After a few months of seeing their economy taking a dive from lack of sales I’m sure China and Russia will surely stop propping up North Korea! So use a carrot and a stick to settle this dispute but DON”T GO TO WAR over this dispute! Just let North Korea ROT ON THE VINE until they are willing to negotiate! We can’t afford to go to war. Too many will die from too many unknowns.

  2. Hi. Thx for the piece.

    Quote: NATO “does not plan to have a military presence in this part of the world,” he said.

    The USA, which is THE player of NATO, ‘occupies’ the entire southern portion of Korea. I’d say THAT is a rather large “military presence”. Add-in the instigating, antagonizing, and escalating that the USA is doing in the area, MILITARILY, and it’s obvious that the USA wants-to, and enjoys terrorizing NK.

    The USA is a disgusting two-faced immoral criminal, claiming to fight against terrorism, while doing plenty of terrorizing themselves/ourselves. I’m embarrassed to call myself American… when discussing/pondering this Korean peninsula situation. Get off the peninsula, America. Leave South Korea, and stop terrorizing/bullying. Do it now.

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