The North Korean regime strongly condemned the US naval maneuvers carried out jointly with South Korea this week on the peninsula and threatened to respond by launching an “unimaginable attack”.

The so-called Emergency Committee on Opposing Nuclear War Drills criticized Washington’s mobilization of nuclear strategic assets by a note issued by the North Korean state agency KCNA.

The Pentagon has deployed the USS Ronald Reagan nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and two destroyers, among other ships, for these maneuvers ending Oct. 20.

“The United States has gone mad by putting under our noses targets that we have set as primaries. They should anticipate an unimaginable attack,” the text says.

The North Korean committee also said that Washington has also deployed the nuclear submarine USS Michigan, whose participation has not been officially confirmed.

“This shows that the US and its puppets (in reference to South Korea) are preparing for a ‘pre-emptive strike’ against North Korea, he added.

Allied maneuvers come after tension had eased in the region and more than a month after Pyongyang made its latest weapons tests, which included a nuclear test on 3 September and the launching of a missile that flew over Japan the 15 of that same month.

The escalation of dialectical belligerence between North Korea and the United States reached its peak during the UN General Assembly, where President Donald Trump threatened to destroy North Korea, and Pyongyang to conduct a nuclear test in the Pacific.

The large number of weapons of mass destruction tests carried out this year by the regime led by Kim Jong-un, coupled with the aggressive rhetoric employed by the White House since the arrival of Trump, have brought the tension to unprecedented levels since Korean War (1950-1953).

North Korea is increasingly isolated as Russia and China joined the United States to impose new sanctions on the regime.

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a decree that approved new sanctions, which were agreed by the UN Security Council last month.

USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier
USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier

North Korea Is Becoming Increasingly Isolated

Russia also condemned North Korea’s latest underground nuclear test and urged its regime to begin negotiations with South Korea, something the North has so far rejected.

China has already begun to implement UN Security Council sanctions last month. The new sanctions prohibit all sales of natural gas to North Korea and limit the amount of oil that can be sold to it. China also took additional steps and ordered Chinese banks to stop providing financing to North Korea and ordered the closure of North Korean companies in China within 120 days.


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