Marilou Danley, a casino hostess, holds the keys to the mystery still surrounding the motives of her companion, Stephen Paddock, who murdered 58 people Sunday in Las Vegas before committing suicide? The federal police interrogated him since his return from the Philippines Tuesday night.

She was not present in the US when Paddock opened fire from the 32 th floor of the hotel on the thousands of spectators attending a country music concert, also leaving more than 500 injured.
According to her family, she knew nothing about her companion’s murderous intentions.

His brother Reynaldo Bustos explained to the ABC News after the shooting. “I called her immediately and she told me Relax, there’s no need to worry. I’ll take care of it. Do not panic, I have my conscience for me,” he said.

She left the Philippines Tuesday night for the United States, where she was received by FBI agents upon arriving at Los Angeles airport shortly before midnight.

The police do not consider her, for the moment at least, a suspect in this case, but Las Vegas sheriff Joe Lombardo described her as a “witness of interest.”

At this stage, she has not been arrested or charged. The police are counting on her to understand why her companion, a retired 64-year-old accountant who enjoyed the game and owned a beautiful home in a quiet town more than an hour from Las Vegas, committed this massacre.

An “adorable” couple

It was by betting in the casinos that Paddock met Mrs. Danley several years ago in an institution in Reno, Nevada.

“They were adorable. A tall man, a small woman. He loved her, he was crazy about her, “said Eric Paddock, the shooter’s brother, at the Washington Post.

The couple lived together in Mesquite, a town that residents describe as a “quiet, somewhat dozing community” 130 kilometers northeast of Las Vegas, in a house where police officers found many guns. They were very discreet and sometimes absent several weeks to play in the casinos.

Of Filipino origin, the 60-year-old has obtained Australian nationality, according to the authorities of this country where a part of her family lives.

“I’m sure she knows nothing, like us. He sent her away. She was far away not to interfere with her plans, “one of her sisters told an Australian television station.

According to ABC News, Marilou Danley had left the United States on September 15, two weeks before Paddock took his hotel room at Mandalay Bay. But other media reported that she traveled to the Philippines on 25 September.

Nick Suarez, spokesman for the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI), said that this elite section of the Philippine police was trying to determine when she had arrived in her home country last month and if Paddock had done it well a transfer of $ 100,000, as reported in the press.

According to the Washington Post , Marilyn Danley was married to a certain Geary Danley between 1990 and 2015, until their divorce. The New York Times says they each had children from previous relationships, and that she has a daughter who lives in California.

“He is one of the happiest, most extroverted, and life-like people I know. All those who met her appreciate it, “said Dionne Waltrip, daughter of Geary Danley, at the New York Time s.

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