Android fans who want to make sure that their operating system is always running as intended should never uninstall Play Services. This is a key Android app which enables all other apps and mobile games automatically update themselves. This is what makes Play Services a vital component of the Android ecosystem. However, the app’s functionality doesn’t end there since it also stores important user information and synchronized contacts among others.

Google Play Services 11.7.44 APK Update

Considering how important Play Services is to the Android ecosystem, no one should be surprised to find out that Google is always rolling out new updates to it. In fact, a new update has recently been published by Google and it upgrades the app’s version number up to 11.7.44.

We should also mention that this update is scheduled to roll out OTA (over the air) to the wide public during the upcoming future but we can’t know for sure when that is going to happen though. However, eager Android fans can get their hands on it ahead of time by downloading the APK (Android package kit).

Since this is an APK (Android package kit), Android fans need to download it themselves. The file is available for download entirely for free and the installation process is not that complicated. Moreover, the original Play Services app doesn’t need to be uninstalled since the APK upgrades its version and it doesn’t replaces it.

Improved Overall Stability

Google loves to include cool new features in almost every update. However, this is not the case here since this update is focused only on improving Play Services overall stability. This means that this new APK contains a handful of bug fixes and performance tweaks which improve Play Services user experience and make sure that it never malfunctions.

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