The world is getting smaller with new features from Google Maps. In fact, it can improve your experience as a user, which can turn out to be very useful for particular situations. Here are some of the things that you will benefit from.

Enables You To Remember Where You Parked

A lot of people might be clueless about a very useful trick behind Google Maps. Scientists say that everyday, stressful activities could make people forget about minute details in which people fail to pay attention to. Well, Google has a way to remind people about simple daily routines such as where you parked your car.

Simply click the blue dot where you are located and choose Save Parking option. So the moment you return to locate your car, you just have to open Google Maps and search for the letter P, indicating where you have parked your vehicle to easily find your spot.

Sharing Geographic Location

At times, it would be hard to provide or understand directions. This commonly happens when it is your first time to visit a city to meet someone, but you don’t have any idea how to get there. Google Maps should come in handy because you are able to share your coordinates and establish a route that would join a couple of points. Simply click the blue dot indicating your location, giving the option to Share your location.

Using Google Maps Offline

This is one of the most useful tricks, particularly when you are out coverage area when on vacation. Finding a signal for your data plan might not work, especially if you travel across the country or region. In this case, Google Maps would allow you to download a certain part of the map that you can use offline. Simply display the menu and click Offline Maps after opening the app. Just slide your fingers to that particular area where you can zoom in and select the option to download. However, it is not always available in all zones, because of operating rights and restrictions of languages.

Customizable Map

Among the most basic tricks that you can use with Google Maps is being able to add frequent destinations like work, home, or bank. Google Maps can also give you some real-time information about the duration of predetermine destinations on the basis of traffic, transport, or road issues. Moreover, the app can provide information about the weather, which could affect your return home from work.

Receiving Traffic Alerts

Nobody wants to go to work or to return home late, thanks to Google Maps. This is because the app would allow you to receive traffic alerts and to avoid being stranded. You can solve this problem if you have added your home to one of your frequent destinations. This will inform you one day about the condition of traffic in your area and propose for possible alternate routes. Just go to Settings > Notifications > Traffic in which you need to activate the options that would interest you.

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