Half Twitter is convinced that Melania Trump uses a double to appear in public (but it is not true)

Melania Trump is trending topic on Twitter, what happened this time? Did she say something contriversial on twitter? Did she show public distain towards her husband? Has she again rejected the President’s hand in front of the cameras? Much better: a conspiracy theory has emerged that says that Melania has a double.

It all started with a user tweet @JoeVargas, who says he is very surprised that President Trump tries to fool everyone with the appearance on television of a woman who clearly “is not Melania”:

The arguments of Vargas and his followers are scarce, but convincing. On the one hand, the supposed double has a ” different facial structure, grandmother’s glasses ” and a hair ” too dry and damaged ” for what Melania ( or is it a wig? ). However, what is truly suspect is his nose: it does not look the same, has a strange silhouette and ” lacks the tip ball “.

Convinced? Neither was Joe Vargas at the beginning, until Donald Trump opened his mouth. “Initially I did not realize it, but then I thought it was strange that Trump said” my wife Melania, who is right here “to try to convince the press that it was her. Very strange, of course ..

… if it were not because Donald Trump has an extensive record of telling people that “his wife, Melania” goes with him to places.

Overlooking that detail, many Twitter users embraced the double theory and began to make jokes about it. After all, a similar theory had emerged about Hillary Clinton during the 2016 elections and it would not be the craziest thing that happened during Trump’s presidency.

The good news is that, despite the memes, Melanie’s double theory is completely false. It does not take much to deny it: using the Getty searcher you can find pictures of that day in which Melania appears without the suspicious glasses and next to Trump.

As they said on Jezebel, the woman only had one of those rare days with her hairstyle. Maybe it’s time to leave the first lady alone and focus on the potentially lethal things that come out of the mouth of the President of the United States.

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