55 policemen died in an encounter during a raid on a hideout of militants near Cairo’s capital Cairo. 20 officers were also included in the killed.

Security officials said on Saturday that the encounter took place late Friday evening in Al-Haat al-Bahria area of ​​Gija administrative area.

They said that the number of people who could die could increase. The Home Ministry issued a statement saying that some militants were also killed in the encounter. However, no number of how many assailants have been killed in the fight.

The responsibility of the attack on the security personnel has been taken by the terrorist organization Hussam.

The security forces were informed that the terrorists were hiding in one place, after which they siege there. This encounter took place during the attempts to arrest the terrorists.

Since the removal of the post of president of Muslim Brotherhood Mohammed Morsi in Egypt in 2013, terrorist organizations are targeting the country’s army and police. In Egypt, the action of the security forces is continuing against the Islamic State (IS) branch.

Hasm has taken responsibility for attacks on police officers, officials and judges in Cairo since 2016. However, the terrorist organization does not tell himself related to the Muslim Brotherhood.

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