Who doesn’t love the Street View feature from Google Maps? We haven’t heard anyone complaining about its existence, on the contrary, it has been handy to everyone, worldwide. It not only shows you the way, with 360-degree photographs, it also lets you wonder the streets of a far, far away place from the comfort of your home.

Google Maps Street View: ‘Capturing’ Thieves, Scarecrows, Babies and What-Not

But who would have thought that Google Maps Street View would catch thieves, show us a field full of scarecrows (which we first thought they looked like a weird gathering), or even a woman giving birth on the pavement, a baby crawling from a store and so on.

One of those weird images shows us two men in Pittsburgh that were standing near a silver car. Each one of them was holding a tool that were used to break into the driver’s door. Their faces and the plate number has been blurred by Google, as they usually do, and we don’t know who they are or if they were actually thieves that tried to steal that car. We don’t know if they continued doing what they intended, or they ran after they were caught on Google’s camera.

Another interesting picture on Street View shows us a passionate couple in South of France, on a coast, dressed in beachwear (the woman wearing only bikini bottoms).

Google Maps had previously captured Peter Madsen in 2010, who became famous after he was suspected for a murder that he denied committing. The picture from Google Maps shows Peter Madsen getting in his homemade submarine, long time before he was charged for the murder of Swedish journalist Kim Wall.

We can say that after all we’ve seen with the Street View option, Google Maps is not only a feature that shows you around a location from a first-person perspective, but it also works like an undercover (kind-of) detective!

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