Flash Player received a new update which enhances its Flex content. The developers behind Flash Player are advising users to download the update as soon as possible since the changes it brings are quite important. In addition, Flash Player will automatically update itself if the “Allow Adobe to install updates” option is enabled.

AutoScript API Support

The biggest feature that this new update brings is ActionScript API support for the Audio Device Manager. This means that developers can select the desired audio output from ActionScript by using the new “AudioDeviceManager.” API. We should also mention that the API is synced with Flash Player’s default audio output settings.

Privacy Concerns

Flash Player is known for caring about its user privacy and this is the reason why the developers have added an UIA (User Invoked Action) restriction to the API. This restriction makes sure to keep the user’s privacy safe by making the API accessible only through user invoked actions. In case some other type of program tries to run the API, Flash Player will show the following error “IllegalOperationError” which is accompanied by the “2176” code.

Audio Device Manager

After updating Flash Player, users should know that they can use the AudioDeviceManager class to reveal every audio output device that’s attached to the system. This feature can be used to list down the index of the selected device from a selected array. In order to retrieve valuable index information, developers or fans need to use the “selectedDeviceIndex()property.” command.

New Event

Tech savvy Adobe Flash users should be happy to know that this update also introduces a new event alongside this API. This event is named “AudioOutputChangeEvent.AUDIO_OUTPUT_Change” and it is dispatched to ActionScript listeners whenever the original audio output is changed. This event can be also dispatched by selecting different audio levels from Flash Player’s user interface.

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