Recent statistics has shown that in the USA more people actually die as a result of bathtub accidents than of terror attacks, however the mere numbers should not stop the government from investing more in the security of its people.

Jennie Easterly and Joshua Geltzer have shared their reasoned opinion in an article published by CNN, arguing that numbers are not all that matters. It is correct that very few Americans die each year as a result of terrorist assaults – approximately one-third of those who dies in their bath. However, the effect of terror attacks that happen even outside the US is devastating. The attacks can even change the policy between countries and lead to unprecedented bans and conflicts.

One of the darkest and saddest effects of terrorism is the propaganda carried out by extremists. ISIS has gained popularity mainly through the videos of brutal executions of infidels – men, women and children. No doubt this has affected the young generation who might grow up thinking violence is an accepted norm in society.

Therefore, the American authorities and any government in general, should not save their efforts to combat global terrorism and extremism

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