Following the deadly attack on Westminster in March, the UK parliament is considering to deploy dogs with police handlers to guard the gates of the parliament.

Khalid Masood stormed the Westminster gates on March 22 after killing four pedestrians with his vehicle and stabbing police officer Keith Palmer. The gates are considered one of the weakest points since they have to be opened often for members of parliament to enter.

Former chairman of the House of Commons administration committee, Sir Paul Beresford confirmed that dogs are “seriously considered” in a review of perimeter security.

“If we’d had a dog there PC Palmer might have been saved,” he said, and explained that a dog could stop a terrorist without killing protesters. If some idiot who is not a terrorist runs in, and there are a few of those out there, the dog will drop them and they won’t be shot.”

Dogs, usually Alsatians, are already used to guard the gates of British military bases when there is an increased terrorist attack threat. They can be trained to respond to certain acts and commands.

Some of the other protective measures considered include stronger barriers to prevent vehicle attacks and measures to keep pedestrians further away from the building of the Parliament.



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