Specialist, who have examined the weapons seized from caught or killed Islamic state terrorists in Syria, have found sniper rifles equipped with Russian-made devices along with other devices typical for the NATO army.

According to the Russian newspaper Komersant (in Russian):

“Military experts in Syria examined the firearms of neutralized terrorists and discovered that snipers of the Islamic State and Jebhat al Nusra are using night vision devices with electronics made by Russian enterprises.”

As per the reports at least four Russian soldiers are killed by sniper fire in Syria. One of them was Russian military advisor Lieutenant Colonel Alexei Buchelnikov, who was killed on May 2 during combat training. He was fatally wounded by the sniper and died before any medical help could be administered. Buchelnikov was a awarded a medal post-mortem.

As part of the weapons examination, the experts also found several different sniper rifles devices, some of which the same as NATO’s military forces. The American Remington MSR and the Austrian Steyr Mannlicher SSG 08 were given as examples.

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