Iran’s newly-elected president Hassan Rouhani said on Monday that the country will continue its ballistic missile program despite criticism from US officials.

“The US leaders should know that whenever we need a missile test because of a technical aspect, we will test,” Rouhani said in a news conference on Monday, reported MEHR News Agency. “We will not wait for them and their permission.”

President Rouhani appreciated people’s historic turnout in the election among domestic and foreign media on Monday and described Iran’s positions on regional and international issues. “With more than 42 million turnout, our people demonstrated an incomparable presence in Iran’s history”.

He added, “with the election, people told everyone, no faction, group, idea and school of thought could be eliminated to build Iran”

Answering a question about defending people’s rights, especially in the field of nuclear negotiations, Rouhani said, “if we succeeded in the field of nuclear negotiations, it was because the whole Iranian nation was behind the Leader, building up a national integrity and unity, helping the administration to use people’s power in international stages”.

Dr. Rouhani also answered a question about his evaluation of the latest meeting between heads of some Arab countries and the US President Trump, in which Iran was accused of supporting terrorism; : “the assembly in Saudi Arabia, I believe, was a sham assembly without any political and practical vision. We have seen such shows from Saudi Arabia before”.

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