NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said final decision regarding increasing troops for Afghanistan is expected to be taken by next month.

Speaking during a press conference ahead of a NATO summit in Brussels, Stoltenberg pointed towards the latest terrorist attack in Manchester city of the United Kingdom and emphasized that the meeting on Thursday will show that all NATO Allies remain united in the fight against terrorism in all its forms.

Countering terrorism is a complex challenge and requires a coordinated response, he said, adding that

“That is why one of the two main topics we are going to discuss tomorrow will be stepping up NATO’s contribution to the fight against terrorism. To deal with the root causes of terrorism, training local forces is one of the best tools that we have.”

“But the security situation remains challenging. We have recently completed our regular review of our training mission. And our military commanders have asked for a few thousand more troops. We are currently in the process of force generation and I expect final decisions to be taken next month,” he added.

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