In 2014 Daniela Greene, an FBI-translator at the time with top-security clearance, went to Syria to marry the man she was ordered to investigate. Upon her return she served two years in prison for lying to FBI officials and for entering Syria illegally to marry one of the main ISIS recruiters – Denis Cuspert.

Greene, who speaks German, was recruited by FBI as a contract linguist and was given top-secret security clearance in 2011. While working at FBI’s Detroit division in Janujary 2014 she was assigned to investigate Denis Cuspert.

Cuspert was previously a German rapper known under the name Deso Dogg. When he joined ISIS he took the name of Abu Talha al-Almani and became one of ISIS’ top recruiters. He used his fame from the show business to appear in propaganda videos and social media to urge Western people to join the terrorist group.

In June 2014 Greene decided that it is time to travel to Syria and be with Cuspert. She filled in documents to state that she is going on vacation to Germany and left. However, she never went to Germany. Instead, she bough a one-way ticket to Istanbul, Turkey on 23 June 2014 and then traveled to the Syrian border. She met Cuspert and the two married on 27 June 2014.

Allegedly, about a month later, Greene realized her mistake and that she has committed a crime and sent three e-mails to state that she is willing to return and realizes that she will go to prison.

Greene returned to the USA on 6 August 2014 and was immediately arrested. She pleaded guilty and agreed to cooperate with the authorities and as a result she was sentenced to two years in prison. Greene was released from prison in August 2016 and currently works as a hostess in a cocktail lounge.

Cuspert was declared dead by the Pentagon back in 2015, however in June 2016 some reports appeared that he is still alive.

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