‘’The threat from terrorism for Bulgaria is not small’’, Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov said commenting theterrorist attack in Manchester, quoted by the Bulgarian National Radio.

He explained that world diplomacy ought to have stopped wars in the Middle East long ago: ‘’the wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan – because children are dying there too, thousands of people die, there are hundreds of thousands of victims.’’

Boyko Borisov thinks that people should be vigilant, and governments should conduct policies of good neighbor relations and peaceful settlement of crisis.

‘’I am worried because no matter how strong security services are, no matter how hard they work, you can see that terrorists act in such a way today that there is hardly an option to provide protection from them. One, two, five terrorist acts have for sure been prevented by the British security services. They could have prevented a hundred such acts even, but then something happens in Manchester’’, the Bulgarian PM also added.

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