Militants from Ansar Al Sharia, the Al Qaeda branch in the Arabian Peninsula, are seeking new ways to attract people to jihad. They have chosen the form of a contest, launched in Yemen, where people will be subjected to jihadist propaganda and the best performers will receive a reward.

The contest, which was named “Our Message” was launched last week in the city of Taiz under the pretense to honor the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. Entrants will have to listen to a series of audio lectures on jihad, study accompanying text and then write a 30-page review of the syllabus.

In order to attract more participants, the militants also offer various prizes, such as laptop, guns, cash and the winner will receive a brand new AK-47 automatic rifle, while the runner-up will take a motorcycle home. Flyers were handed out by the Al Qaeda members in order to promote the event.

Reuters, who saw the sheet with the quiz to be answered by the participants, disclosed two of the questions included:

“Name three articles of the (Yemeni) constitution which contradict Islamic Law,” reads one of the questions.

“Any person who follows a law other than Islamic law is an infidel who must be killed. List three (scriptural) references for this,” reads another.

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