If the attack on Saint Petersburg metro train proves to be a terrorist attack, as suspected, it is not going to be the first time when the underground transport in Russia is being under fire.

The latest news from the second-largest city in Russia confirm the death of 14 people while two other are in critical conditions. The injured are nearly 50 and there are children among them.

The last terrorist attack on the subway system is in Moscow in March 2010 when two suicide bombers set their explosives about 30 minutes apart on two trains during the rush hour. The attack kills 40 and injures more than 100 citizens.

The previous attack on the Moscow subways station is in August 2004 when a woman blows herself up outside a metro station and kills 10 people. Earlier the same year – in February – a suicide bomber attacks a subway car in Moscow killing 41 and injuring more than 100 civilians.

The other means of transportation in Russia has also been a target of terrorist attacks. The high-speed Nevsky Express train travelling between Moscow and St. Petersburg is ripped by an exploding bomb in November 2009 resulting in the death of 28 people and injuring nearly 100. A previous attack on the railway station was made in 2007, which fortunate resulted with no casualties and only two dozen injuries. Back in December 2003 a suicide bomber blows on a commuter train taking the life of 44 people.

The air transport in Russia has been under attack on several occasions as well. In October 2015 Islamic state Militants take down a Russian airliner travelling from Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg killing all the 224 people on board. In January 2011 a suicide bomber blows himself up at Domodedovo airport in Moscow taking the life of 35 and injuring 180 people, while in August 2004 two female suicide bombers bring down two Russian airplanes that took off the same airport and killed 90 people.

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