Police raided the eastern Jerusalem home of the Arab terrorist responsible for a stabbing attack which left two Border Police officers injured early Monday morning. The attack took place at a security post just outside of the Lion’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem. The terrorist entered a booth occupied by the two officers and proceeded to stab them before being shot and killed.

“What we know is the terrorist arrived in the area and parked his vehicle while police officers were stationed at that checkpoint as part of general security,” said police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld.
“He then took the opportunity to follow them when they entered the entrance to the police point and stabbed both of the officers, moderately wounding them. The officers responded to the life-threatening situation and opened fire, shooting and killing the terrorist.”

Muhammad Ibrahim Mattar, 25, a Palestinian Arab resident of Jerusalem, was shot and killed during a stabbing attack early Monday morning at the Lion’s Gate entrance to the Old City, where he wounded two Border Police officers.

Four suspects are being questioned in connection with the attack after police raided the terrorist’s home in the Jabel Mukaber neighbourhood, known as a hotbed for anti-Israel incitement. A resident hailing from the same neighbourhood was arrested last week on suspicion of attempted arson.

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