A suspected terrorist has attempted to attack a French soldier with a machete near Paris’ famed Le Louvre art gallery. Yves Lefebvre, a police union official, said the man launched his attack when four soldiers guarding the area told him he could not enter the Carrousel du Louvre shopping center with his bags.

When a machete-wielding man was shot down by a soldier on Friday morning in a shopping center at the Louvre museum, it marked another stage in the recent wave of terror attacks to hit Paris and France. Even though only the attacker was left seriously hurt, the incident marked the first time that a terrorist style attack was carried out at a tourist hot spot in the French capital, something the government, the City Hall and tourism chiefs in Paris have long feared.

There was a warning in September when a car packed with gas canisters was found next to Notre Dame cathedral in what proved to be a failed terror attack by female jihadists. There has also bee numerous other warnings and plots, including one to attack Disneyland Paris.

Security forces reported that one soldier was lightly wounded and has been taken to the hospital. The terrorist is alive but was seriously wounded, having been shot five times. According to the French Interior Ministry, a “serious public security incident” was underway, and security forces are at the scene.

“He was carrying a suitcase and was refused access,” said a police source at the scene. “The man immediately withdrew a knife and attacked. “It was at this moment that a soldier used his weapon to disable the men, who were wounded. “The area has been evacuated.”

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