Austrian authorities say they thwarted a potential terrorist attack in Vienna on January 20 by arresting an 18-year-old man suspected of having ties to Islamic extremists.

The suspect allegedly planning a terrorist attack was snatched Friday afternoon in a Vienna apartment by Austria’s anti-terrorist unit, Cobra. The person’s identity was not disclosed.However, the suspect’s been described as “an Austrian citizen with a migration background who is 18 years old,” Sobotka told reporters during a press conference.

“Our police forces managed just in time to arrest a suspect and thus prevent a potential terror attack in the federal capital Vienna,”

-the interior minister told reporters.

The Austrian authorities had been warned about a possible attack by foreign intelligence services, a Vienna police spokesman, Thomas Keiblinger, told news agency APA.

He said: “There were growing indications of a planned attack in the capital in the past few days.”

The document added that a German-speaking sympathizer of the Islamic State (ISIS) extremist group made explosives in Germany and that he intended to bring them to Vienna to carry out an attack. He was not immediately able to complete his travel plans, but the newspaper said that the suspect traveled from Germany to Austria on Friday.

Police said that suspect had a migrant background and was arrested by special forces.

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