Bulgarian Interior Minister Roumyana Buchvarova has indicated that allegations about plans for a terrorist attack in Bulgaria are untrue.

“There are individuals who disseminate information in foreign media about a planned attack in our country. We have done everything possible to identify them and to assess why this false information is being spread,”

-Buchvarova told Bulgarian National Radio.

“We have information via diplomatic channels about three or four such persons, who have been identified, their documents checked and probably are no longer on our territory. All measures are being taken,”

She said that Bulgarian security services had identified the individuals and were working on the matter but there had been no arrests.Buchvarova did not answer a question whether the individuals were from refugee centers.

After reports of her initial statement on Monday, the Special Prosecutor’s Office, in charge of investigating terrorism in Bulgaria, said that it had no information about a plan for a terrorist attack and added that the Interior Ministry had given it no such information.Buchvarova told BNR, apparently referring to those behind the claims, “the individuals have not been arrested, but we have established who they are. Some of them do not live in Bulgaria”.

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