PKK terrorists attacked the local governorate building in the Derik district of southeastern Mardin province on Thursday, killing one and injuring two people.

A district governor in southeastern Turkey, who was wounded in an attack linked to the Kurdistan Workers’ Party, died early Friday in a hospital where he was being treated.

Muhammed Fatih Safitürk, governor of Derik district in the Mardin province, was injured on Tuesday when PKK militants fired a rocket launcher targeting the district governorate building.

Muhammed Fatih Safitürk was one of three people hurt in the attack, suffering second-degree burns. He died in hospital in the city of Gaziantep on Friday, having been flown there by helicopter, the Dogan news agency said.

Around 30 people, including staff from the governor’s office, have been detained in connection with the attack, security sources said.

Police were looking into the possibility that explosives were hidden in a bag placed in the governor’s office and detonated remotely, or were sent in a package to the office and exploded on being opened, Dogan said.

Safitürk is the highest-ranking Turkish official killed since July 2015, when PKK resumed its 40-year-long armed campaign against the Turkish state after a two-year-long ceasefire.

The PKK resumed its armed campaign against the Turkish state in July 2015 following bomb attacks on Kurdish activists, after a ceasefire agreement with Ankara that had been in force for roughly two years.

Since then, PKK attacks have killed around 700 security personnel and claimed the lives of many civilians, including women and children, while thousands of PKK militants were killed in army operations.


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