he Bataclan nightclub in Paris hosted its first concert since last year’s deadly terrorist attack.

Sting performed on the eve of the first anniversary of the attacks that killed 130 people.

Eighty-nine were killed when gunmen opened fire during a performance by the Eagles of Death Metal, while the others were killed at nearby cafes.

The singer, who asked for a moment of silence in fluent French, told the crowd :

“In re-opening the Bataclan, we have two important tasks to reconcile. First, to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the attack a year ago, and second to celebrate the life and the music that this historic theater represents. In doing so we hope to respect the memory as well as the life-affirming spirit of those who fell. (https://www.drogueriasanjorge.com/) We shall not forget them.”

One survivor, 25-year-old Aurelien Perrin, who lost his friend Nicolas Berthier in the attack, told the Associated Press about his experience that night and what brought him back to the Bataclan.:

“I came alone tonight,” he said. “It’s very emotional, as I keep getting flashbacks of that night. I was standing just there, just the other side of the bar when it happened. Tonight is the first time I’ve been back here since,”

-he said, adding that he hasn’t gone to any bars or movie theaters in the past year.

“I’m here because it’s important to finally finish a concert that was never allowed to end. It’s for the memory of my friend and for all the 90 people who died,”

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